Oakley Eyewear

We offer a 2 year warranty ( 1st year international warranty, 2nd year local warranty.)

Oakley Does not Warrant

Scratched lenses are not covered under Oakley’s warranty policy. Replacement lenses can be purchased. Installation of non-Oakley lenses will void this warranty.

Please include 

Valid receipt with the date of purchase for warranty coverage. Unfortunately, without a valid form of proof of purchase the warranty is not valid.

Email us at enquiries@ceds.com.sg

All the sunglases listed under C.E.D.S Sunglasses are 12 months warrant covered from the date of purchase, against production defects.

Warranty allows to repair or change the product.

  • Damages due to incorrect use are not covered by warranty and we are not responsible for direct or indirect damages occurred for incorrect use.
  • We are not responsible for direct or indirect damages occurred to people or things due to the malfunctioning of the products.
  • The acceptance of all terms is made fulfilling the order form.

Please contact us at enquiries@ceds.com.sg if you have any questions.